Past exhibitions held outside: Travel Photographer of the year awards

From explaining our idea to propose to hold an art exhibition outside, and one that remains completely technology free it seems appropriate to look into previous exhibitions that relate to our theme & idea.

The Travel Photographer of the year awards, is an annual event that holds an exhibition in London. The location in London is The Royal Geographical Society and they have the exhibition up outside in the garden area with the beautiful prints by the winning photographer and runners up displayed on set up boards. Below you can see an image taken from their 2015 exhibition and as you can see it is displayed beautifully and I think that by having the exhibition outside it emphasises on the theme of travel photographer of the year. The exhibition in previous years has always been held between July & September, by doing this it helps reassure and make a positive chance that the Great British weather wont be dull and depressing with rain, but then again you know never how unpredictable it can be.


In terms of how the images are displayed at the exhibition due to being outside and the lightings, the images are printed as Lambda C-type prints as well as weather resistant Direct to Media UV panels, by creating the prints on this type of format it ensure the photographs displayed will still show the best quality as they would if they were displayed in a traditional exhibition.


The exhibition receives plenty of visitors that come and see the amazing travel photography that the best travel photographers around have to show. In 2012 the exhibition received its most attendance to date, over 42,000 visitors came to see the exhibition within the beautiful historical setting in London. By having the exhibition outside under the sunlight and stars brings such a evoking and tranquil setting that invites its audience to come see and enjoy, as well as being able to enter yourself for the following year if you wish to have your work displayed.




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