Idea for project: An outside Art exhibition, where all technology is banned.

From researching into the power of technology taking over and relevant artists creating projects showing us how much our society is changing, as a group we could hold an exhibition that completely banes technology, in that no cameras, mobile phones etc would be allowed at the exhibition, and also there would be no electricity present at all. It would be all about going back to the basics of art.


(Image of Zeng Mi’s personal exhibition.)

The image above is an example of a previous exhibition that was held outside in Hangzhou Botanic Gardens in China by artist Zeng Mi. As you can see, she has placed her prints hanging from the beautiful tall tree trunks creating a very magical and mystical exhibition. The idea behind the exhibition is to promote a change among artists, art lovers and individuals everywhere, to stop letting technology be apart of everything you do. Before mobile phones and handheld cameras arose, exhibitors were a place where you simply enjoy the art work in front of you, now however it is a regular assurance even at exhibitions to see individuals on their mobile phones by taking photos of the art on the walls and not actually looking through their own eyes.

The content within the exhibition would be based on the theme of technology and whether it is taking over. As a collaborative of C.H.E.W we would each have our own area of work displayed, i.e my photography, Claire’s Fine Art and Tu Tu’s Product Design work, all working under the same theme of how technology is taking over or how not, and our own response to it. We would also have a chance for other Artists to display their work by submissions that would be done by traditional post, as there exhibition includes no technology it seems appropriate that the no technology bane continues throughout. There would also be a small amount of work displayed by photographers/artists of our choice that we feel would be best suited.

With regards to the location of this exhibition, it would be appropriate for us to hold it somewhere in Swansea or near, due to us all currently living in this area and with our university being in the centre of town. The Gower in Swansea, is full of beautiful and derelict locations that could easily be used, for preference I would say that a beach setting would be best because of the vast amount of light that would perfectly displayed the work on show. As you can see from the map below there are endless beaches across the coast we can display our work, we would need let the local council know but it would be free and open to the general public in that area at the time and local members of the community.


The exhibition would be open to the general public in and around the Swansea and Gower area as we would have flyers and leaflets made explaining the details of when and where the exhibition will be held. There will be no information made by us online about this exhibition and its details, to emphasise the exhibition being a no technology place, it really is going back to the basics, imagine a world without technology advances again. We would also hold a preview day for our university class and teachers, as students specifically use their phones too much we hope that this exhibition and enjoyment of being in the fresh outdoors would provoke some sort of change to our audience. We would also have to hold the exhibition after March onwards as the weather conditions would be much more suitable then.


Above is an image taken from Italy that shows an exhibition on the beach named ‘Tents at the sea’, it is an example to show just how interesting it could be to display an exhibition outside in a landscape setting. It creates such an interesting atmosphere that will definitely catch your eye as we all know how some exhibitions can be quite dull, however if we are moving into a new digital world why can’t we bring exhibitions back to basic in a area with no electricity present.

In terms of how the exhibition itself would go ahead without any technology present; there would be no electricity at the exhibition – meaning that the exhibition would take place during the day time or morning as we would need natural lighting to see our work and others. All work would have to be displayed on a plinth or any preferably way as long as theres not technology or electricity needed. Before you go to the exhibition, you will be told a location to meet at and a set time so as a group we can meet you all, make sure no one has any technology on them i.e. phone, camera, iPad etc (Don’t worry they would be locked away safe each in separate bags with your name on, but you can decide to leave your items at home which is the best and preferred option). The idea behind taking your digital items away from you is to stop any sort of distraction that always occurs from having these items on you, we will then walk towards the set location where our outside exhibition will be, (estimate about a 5-10 minute walk – creating a sense of mystery – and not being able to google-maps where you are going).

By putting yourself within a beautiful landscape without any distractions, you will be able to admire the beauty around you along with the art work displayed at our exhibition showing technology and its advances. You will then be able to compare between the digital world and the real life beautiful landscapes we live in, which is more important? That piece of technology you just can’t live without? Or the overwhelming feeling you can get from just looking up and seeing what is right in front of you?





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