Future development, imaginary project proposal for “HALT!”


Imaginary Project Proposal Form

 Collaborative dialogues project, January 2017


Collaboration. Hong Kong. England. Wales. COLLECTIVE.

C.H.E.W. Collective are three MA students practicing in product design, photography and painting: Tu Zengding, Harriet Scanlon and Claire-Louise Avenell,


HALT! Technology is taking over

Project Summary:

“Halt” stems from an investigation into the idea that technology is taking over our lives and exploring its effect on art and design.  The collaborative group utilises three different practices to bring a rounded project using social media as decision maker, curator and promoter. The over aim is to set up a collaborative group page and promote it via social media and the internet. After a period of a week the public will be invited to choose out of the three listed ideas on the C.H.E.W collective blog and decide which project the collaborative should carry out. The voting process will also run for the period of one week.  One idea consists of an online exhibition of art gathered through applications made online from people of all walks of life, taking influence from The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. Another idea is to get a number of participants to carry out a personal experiment of how they use their phones over a period of time, the participant will note and record these moments in time and all results will be presented to the public in the form of exciting reports , videos and images. The final idea is a “back to basics” exhibition of art by students. The exhibition would contain or use no technology what so ever and the audience members would be asked to hand in all digital equipment on their person upon entry to the show. The show would be held outdoor at a suitable location and at a time of ideal weather and light conditions.

Once the project is decided, C.H.E.W will put out a call for submissions to the selected participants such as students, local artists and designers, bloggers and individuals interested in the overall theme of technology taking over our lives. The opening for submissions will run for the period of one month.

The event would be held and the collective group page would then act as a response survey as to what the public thought of the event.

As a result of the project we as a group are able to measure the success and failures of using the internet as a communication tool, the impact that using technology had on the physical event and the public’s response to be made aware of how much technology and ranking systems effect everyday life.  The project aims to act as a stimulant to others of how much we actually use technology every day and how old practices are no longer being utilized.

Cost will be minimal, the main outgoing will be the promotion of the chosen project such as flyers, invites and posters. This would amount to around £20 if held within a university environment the location cost will be nil, however a small fee may incur if held in a private location.  For the use of Elysium Gallery Swansea as an example the fee is £300 for one week, with student discounts available.  A float for refreshments £50 would be reimbursed through donations. Depending on the final outcome, different presentation modes would need to be addressed, the use of projector screens, dark spaces, exhibition screens or plinths will be required.

This amount could be provided by suitable funding applications or fundraising events held by the CHEW collective.

Goals and objectives:

  • To use an online survey to select and inform a chosen event.
  • To highlight the extent of technology’s use in human life.
  • To gather material and opinion of the subject from the public via social media.
  • To test the need for technology in order to hold a successful exhibition of findings.
  • To keep cost at a minimum.
  • To include students or members of the public not yet of high ranking within the art and design world.
  • To experiment with the aid of technology when curating an exhibition.
  • To monitor the benefits of online technologies when working as a collaborative members situated in different locations.

Statement of need:

The project will mainly target people aged 18+ and will include input from participants at student level.  The core need for this project is to highlight the extreme use of technology and perhaps slow down the takeover process. As all group members are current students who have lived alongside the use of the internet and digital media all our lives and fresh minded individuals with different cultural influences we feel equipped to provide an interesting and successful event to the people of Swansea.

Outcome of project:

To hold a successful event in Swansea around the central theme of technology taking over. The final choice will have an opening event and publicity through the use of the internet and non- cyber formats such as flyers and invites.

To reach out to young people most effected by technology’s development and highlight how technology is taking over instinct and tried and tested activities and processes in everyday life in the 21st century.

FULL RESEARCH BLOG AVAILIABLE AT: https://collaborativedialogues.wordpress.com/


C.H.E.W Collectiv.

Tu Zengding: p151622

Harriet Scanlon: p152007

Claire-Louise Avenell: p151906


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