My theme is what adverse effects that technology has influence on human.

Through investigating the black mirror these days. I found that social media, network, and virtual world these elements have a tremendous impact on human society, especially with these elements related to mobile phones, computers and other technology equipment.

And these things are related to the time, money, and to change human habits and lifestyles.

In this century, with the advancement of science and technology, human society has produced great changes because of the development of science and technology.

So I wanted to make an experiment to understand what influence my mobile phone (including social media, web and virtual world) have had on my lifestyles and habits. Also analyze the time I spend on smartphone and then summary the impact of them.

The main thought is download an app on my IPhone and then record time I use one day, one week, one month. Then think what I did on my IPhone through these time .



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